Play Paintball games for groups in Albufeira - Algarve

Types of Games

Capture the Flag

At Crazy Paintball Adventure, we use two flags (one for each team to retrieve). Aim of the game is to capture your enemies flag without being shot. The winner is decided by whoever captures the enemy flag in the time limit.

FREE 4 ALL - You went Rogue

Aim of this game... everyone is your enemy... Shoot at sight!

Two options with Free For All:

Respawn: When shot you have a one minute time out the Respawn.

Last Man Standing - Elimination: When your shot that's it, you're out.

French Duel “Matrix”

The players of both teams, are placed in the middle of the field (road) with backs.

After the referee whistles, they walk slowly and when the safety distance is reached, they shoot at the opposite team until the balls are finished.

It is usually the last game of the experience.

Caça ao noivo e padrinho

The groom places himself at one end of the field and tries to reach the other end without his colleagues reaching him.

All friends and colleagues have a mission to reach the groom.

It is usually the last game of the experience.

Safety Rules

  1. Never take to mask off without the express verbal authorization of the Referee / Organizer.
  2. Do not climb trees or any obstacles that are placed in the Game enclosure.
  3. Do not leave the Game field without the express verbal authorization of the Referee / Organizer.
  4. fter the game is over, place the marker in a safe position (pointing down and with marker security button on so it can not shoot)
  5. Respect the rules of distance, never shoot at a distance of at least 8 meters.
  6. Use all the protections that are provided (camouflage, mask, chest protector and gloves) and abide by all orders of the referee.
  7. When you reach the safety zone you must place the marker on the support table oriented for this purpose.


It is important and essential to wear comfortable shoes. It is advisable to wear old / used clothes that can get dirty although we provide camouflage in all packs.
Yes. You can buy extra balls from the Monitors. There are different options.
To play Paintball, the minimum age recommended is 6 years old. There are markers for these ages. Para jogar Paintball, a idade mínima aconselhada são os 6 anos de idade. Há marcadores para estas idade.
Yes, you can bring food and drink and enjoy our facilities. We will put some tables and an awning for breaks.
Crazy Paintball Adventure Albufeira is open by appointment / reservation 365 days a year.
At a time to be arranged from 9 am to 6 pm in winter and from 9 am to 9 pm in summer.
Via bank transfer, Paypal, MBway or “cash”.
6 players is the minimum to make the most of the experience. But we can do less with availability.
We can do with less but the experience will not be as pleasant as if the group were bigger, because paintball wants tactics and team play to be present. But it is possible. However, we can accept up to 40/60 players per group.
As far in advance as possible! The sooner, the more likely the intended date is to be free!
Yes, it is the only way to be able to play in Crazy Paintball Adventure.

Yes, as long as you respect the following conditions:

  • Cancellation duly notified - email - (24 hours in advance) can be rescheduled, for another day at the customer's choice, without losing the € 50.00 of the reservation;
  • Cancellation duly notified - e-mail - (48 hours in advance) can be canceled with a refund of € 50.00 of the reservation.
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