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Location of the Field

The field where the Crazy Paintball games occur is located in a large and wild area inside Club Albufeira holiday resort..
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What every beginner paintball player needs to know

Capture the flag

Jogo da Bandeira no PaintballCapture the flag is one of the most basic variations of paintball, but it is also one of the most fun to play. While the premise is simple, you can invent countless strategies and techniques to keep you constantly coming back for more.
A field, two flags and some players. Flags can be as elaborate as a 3x5 foot flag on a pole or as simple as a plastic bag hanging on a tree. You should have at least four players but you can play with as many as you want - just make sure that your field is large enough to handle your numbers and not too big for a small group.


Jogadores de PaintballEstablish two bases at opposing ends of your field and position a flag at each of these bases (hanging from a tree, on a flagpole, etc). Divide your group into two teams and position each team at a base. Make sure that both teams know where both flags are positioned and that the field boundaries are clearly defined. Before you begin, also establish a time limit for the game - twenty minutes usually is about right, but depending on the number of players it could be longer or shorter.

Establish Boundaries

Before any game begins, be sure to take a walk around the field and clearly indicate the boundaries to everyone who will play. Make sure that your field is not too big or too small. A field of a hundred yards long and fifty yards wide is great for 3 on 3, but if you have sixteen people, you will need more room. Establish starting bases on opposite sides of the field and, if possible, make it so they are not in view of each other. Note that if you are playing on a speedball course with no trees or bushes, this won't be possible.


A team wins by eliminating all the players of the opposing team or capturing the opposing team's flag and returning it to their own base.

Basic Game Rules

All general rules of paintball apply, and remember to be safe. When both teams are ready, the game begins when someone shouts, "Game on!" The goal of each team is to capture the opposing flag and return it to their own base without getting hit. A player is out and must leave the field if a paintball breaks on him or he calls himself out for any reason. If a player is carrying the flag when he is hit, he must immediately drop it. A team may not move their own flag unless an opposing player has first moved their flag and is eliminated, then the team may return the flag to its starting position if they desire.

Game Objective

Make sure everyone knows what the goal of the game is. Are you playing a simple elimination game? How about capture the flag or center flag? Broadcast clearly any special rules or objectives.


Establish a time limit for the game. Nobody likes to play in a game that lasts forever with neither team moving. There are two primary ways of timing a game: start timing from the start or else start timing from when the first person gets out. Remember that long games are not fun for people that get out right at the start, so keep them short and sweet.


Equipas de PaintballDivide up into two teams. If some people are new to the sport and others are more experienced, divide them fairly between the two. In general, try to keep the number of people on each team about equal. If there are just a few people playing it's not too hard to remember who's on your team, but if there are larger groups of people, tie some colored tape or cloth around your arms or guns to identify different teams.


The game begins when both teams are set at their respective bases. One team calls out that they are ready, the other team responds that they are also ready, and then the first team calls "Game On" and the game begins.


A player is hit if a paintball leaves a solid, penny-sized mark anywhere on the player's body or equipment. Some variations of paintball don't count gun hits or require multiple hits on the arms or legs. Most professional fields and tournaments, though, count any hit on a person or their equipment. Splatter often occurs when a paintball does not break on a person but on a nearby surface and then paint bounces onto the player, but this does not count as a hit unless it forms a solid mark on the player.

Walking Off the Field

When a player is hit, they must then raise their gun over their head, shout that they are hit, and then quickly leave the field to the dead area. Be sure to keep your gun over your head and to shout that you are hit whenever you come across new players.


When one team has completed the necessary objectives, all players still on the field should be notified. Do not remove masks until barrel plugs or barrel covers have been placed on all loaded guns.


Wear masks at all times

Máscara de PaintballWhen a game is being played, wear your mask at all times. Do not remove your mask in the dead zone if the dead zone is within range of the field. There are no exceptions to this rule. Keep masks on until barrel plugs have been placed back on all loaded guns. Remember that most severe paintball injuries occur because someone removed their mask at an inappropriate time.

Mark Dead Zone

Zona de BriefingMake sure everyone knows the location of the dead zone (or staging area) and knows to not shoot in or near it. The dead zone is an area that is off the field where people go after they are eliminated. Typically it's also where extra paintball gear and paint is left between games. The dead zone should ideally be far enough off the field that eliminated players can remove their masks to clean them without risk of being hit by players still on the field.

Do Not Drink and Play

If you are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medicine, DO NOT PLAY PAINTBALL. Keep things safe and only play if you are fully coherent.

No Blind Firing

Do not fire if you can't see what you are firing at. Many players are tempted to stick their guns out and fire without looking, but avoid this. Blind firing can lead to accidentally shooting players who are leaving the field, referees, or other things you shouldn't shoot.


Regras de PaintballClose-range shots are considerably more painful than shots from a distance and it is customary to offer a surrender to any opposing player within twenty feet. Many fields require players to accept surrender if another player has come within twenty feet and has a shot at them.
Shoot Less Than 300 FPS

Common Sense

Most problems can be avoided if you just use common sense. Don't shoot private property. Don't shoot out of a moving vehicle. Don't look down the barrel of a loaded gun. Don't shoot yourself, etc. If you ever wonder if something might be a good idea, it's not.
Don't Take Off Your Mask Until the Game is Over
This has already been said, but needs repeating: DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MASK WHILE A GAME IS STILL BEING PLAYED! Most severe injuries can be avoided if players simply keep their masks on.